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Hainan to Hunan two months before the remittance remittance has

This remittance single ,slow from Hainan to Hunan for more than two months .Changsha Red March 23rd dispatch ( reporter Li Weilin ) the brother B is Hunan Changsha unit of a news staff ,at the beginning of 1,he was a Hainan newspaper told ,there will be a fee from the .
That he did not think of is ,the newspaper will soon the remittance remitted after ,has been more than two months ,the remittance from Hainan Haikou to Hunan Changsha slow .Since two months withdrawal deadline ,brother B to contact the newspaper request to transfer .
Netizen :remittance after more than two months ,already expired in March 21st ,Louboutin Lady, brother B from the day after the unit Lodge received a ticket from Hainan to Haikou to send notice of withdrawal .
Withdrawal notice are printed on the front of the black Changsha 2011.3.20 converge topick ( import) 4and other words, printed on the back of red color Changsha 2011.3.21 Shaoshanroad and other words .
Money order above clearly written payment date for January 14, 2011, and prompt :please carry valid documents in 2011 March 15days beforea network network atm .Subsequently, brother B to Changsha South Shaoshan a postal savings bank .
The staff told him ,money orders have been aging ,money has been returned to the Hainan house transfer unit .The staff said ,the postal savings bank is responsible only for savings and other business ,money order delay to the best ask send remittance unilateral .
Postal Savings Bank of China :check out the reason from brother B to reflect the situation after the voice of the people ,the red column reporter has dialed the postal savings bank of China 95580phone bank .
A customer service personnel tells a reporter ,money orders for 60 days no one take ,will return to .As for the remittance from Hainan to Hunan why more than two months ,she indicated that she didn know what the reason is ,also do not check out .
She said, 11185project estimates may be a problem .This staff told reporters ,under normal circumstances ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,according to the address of the remittance general 5 -7 dayswill be sent to .The late 10daywill also be sent to .
For users of brother B case ,she said ,had never met .Lawyer :postal savings banks should strengthen the management and bear the liability for breach of contract committed voice of the people program linkage lawyers, Konan Hirohito lawyer Yin Lanying said ,the remitter in postal bank postal remittance service and the postal service bank signed a contract ,agreed to pay charges remittance ,cash rights by the payee to exercise ,the customer and the bank has formed an equal payment contract .
In accordance with the contract, the date specified previously delivered to the payee ,postal bank should be performed on the most basic ,most important obligations .Red net voice of the people ,Hunan sun column linkage lawyer lawyer Liao Xiaoxiang said the analysis ,from the contract service relationship perspective, the bank shall bear the liability for breach of .
According to China contract law provisions of the contract ,paid ,because the trustee fault and causes losses to the principal ,the principal may claim compensation for the losses .Gratuitous commission contract ,because the trustee intent or gross negligence and causes losses to the principal ,the principal may claim compensation for the losses .
Liao Xiaoxiang said ,standing in the consumer rights and interests protection point of view, the bank for this serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers ,shall make an apology .
At the same time ,should strengthen management . The money is returned to the .Only trouble about each other to exchange . brother B said ,the only thing to do now ,this thing is exposure ,urge the postal savings bank of China to improve service quality ,improve efficiency .
( editing :SN021 )capped-price housing owners together road .Property owners in the road with no consensus on .Yesterday, Guangzhou city wide Shan Road a building there was a strange thing ,the owners were in the area of pile of bricks ,long cement road ,this cement roads connected high-rise residential and villa area .
The road is not the owners of the things ,a whole community ,what happened ,let the owners themselves built a road ?Text / graph reporter Ceng Weikang senior tenants to villas Yap is the real A zone owners ,2009 purchase ofone unit .
According to his introduction ,at present, the property is divided into A ,B ,C District three, which A ,B district two district is a high level, for capped-price housing ,a total of more than 1000 households,while C region is a villa area ,with nearly 100.
Yesterday, reporter the inquiry found ,C area is a villa area of second-hand housing reached 36000 yuan per square metre high .Mr Yip said ,developers will be A ,B area and C area separated management .
In this regard, the owners netizens interpretation ,residential property management center is located in A area ,C area owners access card can enter the A ,B pay property fees .Capped-price housing owners: greening should share the whether capped-price housing ,villas can not enjoy the same green ?Mr Yip took out a community plan ,think ,A ,B ,C three zone is the same area, green land should be shared .
Reporter discovery ,A ,B two zone connected ,in A ,B two zone and C zone connecting the place ,there is a green belt .Mr Ye says ,the strip surface is green belt ,actually in the middle of the woods, a barbed wire ,A ,Louboutin Lady Peep,B two area and C area segmentation ,according to the original sales brochure planning ,A ,B two and C zone is a road connected ,three district masses can be shared green belt .
The road only to the villa to yesterday afternoon ,A ,B district two enthusiastic owners launched a paving operation .Mr. introduced ,two hundred or three hundred owners of their donation ,purchase of 50 square meters of bricks and cement sand ,ready to get through to A ,B two and C region of the connecting road .
At the beginning, the property management office security to be blocked ,the green belt of the tap off .The owners on hand in hand, from the area outside the brick to the green belt ,and carrying a bucket ,watering ,and then covered with cement .
.. ... Capped-price housing owners night view villa last night ,reporter discovered this new repair cement road, cement is not dry .The reporter along the cement road ,through the green belt in the bushes ,went to the C region of the villa area .
Along the way, many A ,B two owners from area C to visit back ,greatly .Owner of anti-discrimination warriors in the community forum published his impressions ,C area greatly .Thinking of so large area was originally we can enjoy ,but developers and Wuguan illegal deprivation ,she really was not the taste .
.He also thinks ,the obvious discrimination AB owners .Government departments :planning departments are coordinated for A ,B ,C area three regional disputes .Owners and developers ,Property Management Company have opened the meeting ,discussed the related issues .
On behalf of the A ,B two zone owners think ,one ,in strict accordance with the original plan recovery of green land ,and by walls adjacent to create a closed road office ,removal of green space within the isolation fence .
Secondly ,repair roads connected area within the ABC district .Thirdly ,for the convenience of C area and create Avenue ,removable BC interval wall .Fourth, closed green land edge area ,reduced entrance brings too much security hidden danger ,C owners through small internal access through AB access to create a road ,and not to the remote land greening ,for security .
Fifth, clear the area within the AB area and C area between the wall between the owners ,increase mutual trust, the establishment of mutually beneficial internal channel ,eliminate the antagonism between the owners ,for harmony .
While the C zone individual villa owners, in planning green space to set up a dedicated channel and open access .The owners told reporters ,louboutin daffodile,when estate says ,because C area individual villa owners and other owners of differences of opinion, in five working days to issue a written response ,Louboutin Shoes,and in the area of publicity .
When the reporter is interviewed ,to maintain order in the staff said ,ask planning departments ,to find the coordinate scheme .Staff said that the planning department personnel present ,are coordinated .
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4 imaginary degree by American University training expense of wo

The newspaper news( reporter Wu Jianzhong correspondent Chi Haibo ) using a fictional American University degree, 4 suspectsfor trainee huge costs .Yesterday, Haidian police is reported the detection of the case, and alerts through training institutions to obtain equivalent to identify training qualifications ,Louboutin Lady,avoid to be deceived .
In August last year, Miss Lee through the online registration participated in a training company education training .The company claims to be the United States of America Public University in China management office ,can be obtained by training the University doctoral degree certificate .
Miss Li to pay the registration fee ,the respondent costs nearly 160000 yuan fee ,and had two training courses .In 2011 January,the training companies to pay national education management certification costs as, once again to Miss Lee charged 30000 yuan fee .
Subsequently,louboutin, Miss Li from the company to the foreign university degree awarded bachelor ,and the National Education Administration degree certificate .The education department confirmed ,the sector has never received any training on the foreign university degree certification application .
The so-called academic certificate and seal a fake .The police know ,called the American University does not exist .Subsequently, the police will training company responsible person for a control .
Wu to run the training institutions and foreign shell University under the guise of fraud crime confessed .In March 10th ,Lee ,Liao et al. Police arrested .The police seized a large number of blank degree ,diploma ,and includes overseas education certification seal ,several false .
At present, Wu and other 4 suspectsbecause of suspected fraud by Haidian police criminal detention ,the case is in farther cognizance .Police clew suspects is the use value of fake diplomas profiteering ,and use of the in the psychological, to set the trap trap .
Members of the public through a social training institution learning and obtain the relevant qualification process, should be carefully screened the agency training qualifications, if necessary,Louboutin, through the national education department set up the mechanism to query .
( editing :SN021 )3 years ago,a mother often came to the District Public Security Bureau Office Petition ,to deliver a package ,which is usually a bag of peanuts and two hundred or three hundred yuan .
.. ... With mental illness is convinced that her son was kidnapped .In order to appease the mother ,the police accompany she weaves her world .In 3 years, she had to petition office sent 15200 yuan.
She ,the money each time they are secretly back .A white lie to appease the poor mother March 10th, Xindu District Public Security Bureau police office of letters and calls Chen Li and new town police station instructor yellow ,came to the town of bright village Lai Fung (a pseudonym ) home .
Entering the house, Chen Li Lai Feng wife Zeng Wei (alias ) to a cabin, from folder out 2000 yuan of money into Ceng Wei hurry up ,don Larry elder sister saw .Chen Li said ,on September 5, 2008 afternoon,she came to work ,see standing in front of Lai Feng wearing a red sweater with a bag of peanuts .
Subsequently, in the office, Lai Fung holding his head said ,her son was kidnapped by the boss ,she wanted the police to protect her son ,will and his wife took the money to his son .
Chen Li is a little bit confused,Louboutin Pas cher, but look in Lai Feng of fear and impatient ,she said :you can rest assured ,we will go to protect your son .Lai Feng heard the words of Chen Li ,almost cried out .
The scene that day, Chen Li always remember ,she walked the whole people be in good out of a bandbox ,seem especially happy ,don stop to Chen Li cast a grateful look .Lai Fung gone, Chen Li immediately to Lai Feng mentioned slate Beach police station instructor Huang by telephone .
Huang on the phone and told her : Lai Fung is what they sponsor ,Lai Feng I have a mental illness ,her son well ,in Dafeng company guard .After more than 10 days ,wearing big sunglasses Lai Fung came in ,carrying a bag of peanuts and fruit ,say what also want Chen Li and Wu Shenbin to eat in the office of the police .
When to go, she paid Chen Li 300 dollars ,no one ever hear me say these ,only you to help me protect his son ,this money is a thank you .Chen Li paused ,rushed from the counter to the office ,and from the office door ,who knows that Lai Fengzao did not have sign .
Since then ,Chen Li and Wu Shenbin each week will see Lai fung .Lai Feng said his son was kidnapped again ,they followed with ,yes, we help you protect him ,tomorrow you will pick up your son and his wife .
Chen Li discovers ,the mother always looked flustered in, heard Chen Li white lies ,is to ones content .Chen Li came to understand their significance to Lai Fung ,she has started business since most extraordinary jobs :with the story of Lai Fengbian .
Sometimes ,Lai Fenghui suddenly said :Oh ,my son in the copper wire factory ,there is wet, my son rash how to do ?Chen Li will hold the work of Lai Fung said :rest assured ,we send your son to bed ,lie above ,warm .
Lai Feng eyes to tears ,kept saying :the mattress is good ,the mattress is good .Every time Lai Feng came to Fort Chen Li hundreds of yuan of money .Lai Feng says ,it was her each month 300 yuanlow ,and she gave her hard to discuss the money .
In 3 years, Lai Feng a total of 15200 yuanto the petition office .Initially ,Chen Li always take good money ,make a record, and then Huang came to Lai Feng home, slipped Lai Feng wife .
Later ,Lai Feng wife Zeng Wei always said :Chen officers ,I believe you ,after you collect integer come .Her son has been working in the afternoon of March 10th ,Chen Li and Huang put 10 kg ofoil and 20 jin of riceon the table .
Ceng Wei told Chen Li ,he is a monthly salary is only 1300 yuan ,and Lai Feng each month low of only 300 yuan .In his youth he was at work on the copper mine ,was introduced to the Lai fung .
Play after a period of time ,Lai Feng disappeared all of a sudden ,a year later he came back later ,two people live together .They have a son and a daughter .Lai Fung for mental problems ,there are many versions .
And Ceng Wei said ,because Lai Fung and her brother were sentenced .But there are also neighbors reflect ,Lai Feng youth with emotional cheating ... ... Now ,her every night to carrying stick to knock the tree ,up the neighbors complaining in succession .
Before leaving, Lai Fung holding Chen Li ,thank you ,tomorrow I will go to bring her son and my wife .I haven seen my son !The truth is ,Lai Fung son has been working out, haven .
Expert :Police method is appropriate Chengdu City Fourth People section chief Wang Hongming said ,from Lai Fung she had typical symptoms of schizophrenia .She tells her that things are subjective ,louboutin noir,so she will always believe .
As a result of mental illness is more complex ,the doctor did not see patients ,it is hard to define the causes of illness .Therefore ,Wang Hongming wanted Lai Feng to take her to the hospital .
Wang Hongming thinks ,the petition office and the police station is appropriate, at least gave Lai Feng a belief bailment and intimacy ,to avoid her further drastic action .Chengdu Daily
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Canada Chinese female students about murder committed will excul

According to the Singapore media reported in April 24th, accused of killing the York University Chinese students Liu Qian suspects said the lawyer, the defendant will plead not guilty.At the age of 29, Dixon's lawyer Chris said, he was commissioned to make a strong defense.
York University in Toronto to study Liu Qian (23 years old) from Beijing.Last Friday Canada 1 am local time, Liu Qian's residence in Toronto with a network video and in China's boyfriend.Her boyfriend said, through the video saw Liu Qian and the one into her room a man fighting.
After the video is "the man" off.Her boyfriend to willow dried in Beijing family and friends for help in a city.After several hours, police found that Liu Qian from the waist of the naked body.The portable computer, camera and mobile phone are missing.
The police said, comprehensive post-mortem report will be in the next few weeks to complete, and hope the media will not release the suspect photos, so as not to affect the survey.Liu dry parents in Canada dry processing Liu funeral, grief.
An unnamed police officer said, Dixon and Liu Qian all lived in the same apartment building.Defendant Dixon Thursday (21) a brief appearance in court.He was arrested on Wednesday, police said the past understanding of this person, but are unwilling to disclose more details.
Dixon studied at the York University global politics, but did not obtain a degree in the school.It is reported that in 2008-2009, he also worked at and NATO about foreign policy think tank in the Atlantic Canada Council practice, is the council president assistant.
(source: China Daily Xinlian (Editor): SN032) of Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Shining reported: 17, ten thirty, originally scheduled for 16 days of evening nine thirty to fly from Guangzhou to Xiamen flight MF8302 still did not take off, partly in Baiyun Airport stay more than 12 hours of passengers boarded on a flight to Xiamen MF8306 the final flight,Louboutin 2012, the plane carrying two passengers only mixed flew to Xiamen.
Recently,louboutin noir, Mr. Liu bought 16 days later from Guangzhou to Xiamen flight MF8302 ticket, but encountered aircraft due to mechanical failure delay, "the first notice that is delayed until eleven thirty at night off, but the very next day morning 3 when, not to the plane message.
But he had to apply for a refund, bought a non-stop ticket to Wenzhou.Chen also bought MF8302 flight ticket, and he was 17 days morning 3 when being arranged to go to the hotel to rest, "three thirty to the hotel, 4 five thirty through the check-in process, called up terminal.
Until 9 when much, still did not take off aircraft."Mr Chen says, because of dissatisfaction with the airline arrangement, stranded overnight passenger congestion at the MF8306 gate,Louboutin Lady, requirements on the plane to leave, which resulted in the purchase of MF8306 tickets to passengers to check-in, flights were delayed.
According to Mr. Chen, a process, a few MF8302 flights through the gate, just boarded the flight MF8306, forcibly "bully machine", "airline to try to persuade them down, no result, then the alarm, also saw the police to handle.
"At ten thirty in the morning, including Mr. Chen, forty or fifty 8302 passengers rush forward, get on the flight MF8306.The plane takes off at about ten forty.It is understood, 8306 flight shortly after takeoff, remaining passengers on flight 830X normal take off.
Mr. Chen said, many passengers know "bully machine" was wrong ", but this is the airline's disillusioned move, the former night flight delays, and the time change, had no accurate information, and believe that the airline we don't know what to wait.
"It is not the end,Christian Louboutin Outlet, after the plane lands in Xiamen, some of the passengers are still continue machine "bully machine",louboutin daffodile, asked the airlines to give economic compensation, after more than an hour of negotiations, the airline is compromise, problem solving.
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64 year old woman with the taxi driver having an affair was sent

ChinaTaiwan network April 6th news according to Taiwan Chinese times reported ,Tainan City, a 64 year old woman, with younger teenage taxi driver having an affair ,and was the judge to prejudice the family convicted ,become in the history of Taiwan sentenced the oldest small three .
According to the report ,64 years oldwoman surnamed Wang savings ,her husband has died, and her children don live together, she alone to take care of his sick mother, every time you want to send her to the hospital ,is called a fixed near the age less than 50 years of free taxi driver shuttle .
Xieo wife of long-term work in Taipei ,only occasionally back to the south, he was a king lady ,number of degrees to a Autolodge dating ,2peopleduring the period ,Xieo also asked the king and borrowed thousands of yuan nt .
By the end of 2008, 2 peoplequarrel ,the king time to recover debts ,Xie Nan ,Wang wife Sue Xie male invasion ,also to Xie Xie has to speak and her husband have relationship .Xie Nan to counter ,agitating the wife proposed prejudice the family tell .
The judge said ,sex case was still in court ,but the prejudice the family lawsuit, the Tainan District Court has accepted tell say word ,king and sentenced to imprisonment for 2 months ,suspended for 2 years ,but also to take 80 hoursof compulsory labor authority .
Wang Fu became the history of Taiwan female mistress sentenced case .( Chinese Taiwan net Feng Cunjian ( Editor ) :SN026 )Wang bus without preferential disabled $1 lawsuitbus company to apologize ,Louboutin,gift card ;to avoid a similar event ,the court made judicial proposal government core tips for students is a disabled ,he holds the disabled card in Zhengzhou by BRT bus, but the driver to inform you that we can not enjoy riding is preferential .
Angrily, he will be in Zhengzhou city public transportation company to court .He said ,in many parts of the country can be free ,why not in Zhengzhou ?Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone court case .
After the mediation, the bus company to the plaintiff presented a containing 60 yuan traffictariff memorial cards ,the defendant will take out 1000 yuan (below ) ,and represents the bus companies to the plaintiff .
Journalist Han Jingwei Zhang Huaxian correspondent Wen &nbsp ;journalist Xu Junwen events playback offers were refused ,the disabled to bus companies Wang was born in 1989 ,is the education for the Disabled Rehabilitation Center students ,since double lower limb disability .
According to Wang said: last December 26th, he and classmate take BRT bus to return to the education for the disabled rehabilitation center .I hear they disabled car can not buy tickets ,so ,Wang came to the driver to show the level of the disabled card ,but the driver insisted :Wang must buy a ticket ,and did not start the car .
In order to avoid influencing others ride ,Wang had to buy a ticket .He thought the driver behavior has hurt his dignity .To denounce a view ,Wang will be the bus company to the court ,requirement refund 1 yuan note ,Louboutin Lady,apologized to him, and compensation for mental damages 10000 yuan.
Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou City high-tech district court hearing the case .Debate in court bus company :not in violation of the provisions of Xiaowang thinks ,his before 2009, successively in Shanghai ,Guangzhou and other places has made investigation, discover these places ,as long as holding a disabled card bus, subway all do .
Zhengzhou City Bus Corporation in force since March 1, 2009 Zhengzhou city public traffic regulations stipulates: the elderly ,children ,students ,people with disabilities,Louboutin chaussures homme, can enjoy the free ride riding or preferential treatment .
The driver behavior ,violated the legal rights of the disabled .Viewpoints to face charges ,Zhengzhou City Bus Corporation is that: China law on the protection of disabled persons ,provides blind can take a free public transport ,Louboutin Bianca,but for other categories of persons with disabilities to enjoy the preferential treatment with respect to ride ,and no clear provisions .
And Zhengzhou city public traffic regulations stipulates: the elderly ,children ,students ,the disabled in accordance with the provisions of ,can enjoy the free ride riding or preferential treatment .
The specific measures shall be separately formulated by the Municipal People government .But up to now ,Zhengzhou city hall has not issued specific measures .Judicial mediation bus company apology gift card after closed trial ,judge on the original defendant to mediate .
In the face of Wang accused bus driver language on the malpractice ,the defendant said in court :the name of an individual to represent the public transportation company ,on the bus driver parties expressed regret the hurt .
Harmony closed the case ,the lawyer in court to take out 1000 yuan of money ,said this is the bus company for Wang to propose rational suggestions sure .Zhengzhou City Bus Corporation with a card ,the court gave Wang ,want Wang to continue to pay attention to and support of Zhengzhou city public transport .
In the face of public transportation company and sincere attitude ,Wang finally accept mediation .Wang said the lawsuit ,he ,and not for the money ,but let the bus companies aware of these problems ,and to solve the problem .
The court will send a judicial proposal as soon as possible ,make policy accessible to persons with disabilities the presiding judge Li Jiantao said :in our country, the law gives the disabled social material help ,such as various social welfare rights ,social assistance ,social special care such as the right to the right .
However ,in our province, persons with disabilities to take public traffic tool ,but no specific favourable policy .In order to avoid the similar Wang happen again ,they will be to the Zhengzhou City People issued a judicial proposal ,louboutin pas cher,that the relevant departments as soon as possible detailed implementation rules ,to let the disabled car preferential policies are as soon as possible .
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4 stowaway Africa illegally to sweeping entry caught inspectors

The newspaper news (reporter Mu Yi correspondents Liu Xing) smuggling Africa working four men,louboutin daffodile, at the Qingming Festival is approaching, to "worship", but because the documents held by are forged, is the Beijing frontier inspection station seized.
Yesterday, the reporter was informed, four men from a fake documents for entry by the Beijing frontier inspection station review.Before 1 a.m., at the capital airport T3 terminal entry hall, home from Africa sun and so on four documents held by caused by border police attention, the frontier inspection certificate research center differential, four were forged documents held by.
In the immigration review room, sun the tears in her eyes, police said: "we have gone fishing years didn't return home, miss my family.Last year, my parents passed away, the thinking of the Ching Ming Festival this year home Memorial relatives, did not think of the boss to cheat.
"Sun Mou to explain, a few years ago, he and a few fellow together from one port to a Chinese fishing boat people in Africa, from now on, started playing "work" life.Because abroad without legal status, they all be always on tenterhooks, was also often the boss to alarm for salary deduction.
The Qingming Festival is approaching,louboutin noir, they would like to take this opportunity to "worship", "grave", and took the opportunity to go home and have a rest.Sun said,Louboutin, the foursome's request, the boss agreed they return home, near the shore will be delivered to them returning documents, did not think of documents are false.
At present, the Beijing frontier inspection station repatriation of Sun Mou has four review.(editing: SN009) the area will be safe to the police station reporter Tang Jiying was the newspaper news (reporter Wang Jiake) the money don't, someone last night was on the side of the road "pick up" to the safe.
What's this about, Harvey?Last night 9 when, this newspaper received Xi'an Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau "Ba branch of law enforcement officers call, call them when on patrol" picking up a safe ", waiting for an hour and nobody came to claim.
In desperation, they call 110, be safe to public security police station, Weiyang Branch bureau."We don't know what's inside, is likely to be a file or valuables, lost person must be very nervous."Urban management law enforcement branch, BA 4 battalion law enforcement officer Zhang Baoping said, they are 5 law enforcement officers at 8 pm in mine near a road patrol, found in roadside it.
In late 10, reporters in the SIM ancestral temple station duty room to see the safe,Louboutin Lady, somewhat old, cabinet door lock."This thing is heavy,Louboutin Bianca, want 4 people to lift it, is stolen or lost in the unknown."Police police Sun Kejiang said, has not received the alarm call area lost safe, they have to reflect the situation of 110 alarm center.
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